Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Enough Clean and Ready for Christmas

I find that I could spend my entire life cleaning. Everywhere I look is something else that needs to be scrubbed, dusted, wiped, sanitized...blah, blah. I constantly struggle with the inability to just let things go. You would find that statement hilarious if you were at my house right now, because it is a serious wreck. I mean bad. I was gone yesterday from morning until 11 pm and my family obviously forgot themselves. Anyhoo, the system that I try to use to calm my Mrs. Clean attitude is the "good enough" clean method. Some things just have to be cleaned daily, if not 10 times a day. The dishes have to be washed, the counters must be wiped, the floor must be swept, my bed must be made (okay this is a personal one). However, the corner where the shower door meets the shower does not have to be scrubbed. The floor underneath my fridge and cook stove do not have to be spotless. My trash cans do not have to sparkle. Oooh but I want them to. So everyday I do the things that must be done and when I notice things like the corner of the shower or the trash cans, I write them on my to do list and get to them when I can. Today, for example, I am bleaching my kitchen trash can. Alas, she shower door will have to wait. Priorties!

Enough about that little obsession. One of my other current obsessions is making Christmas gifts NOW! I have been busy making these cute little burlap bags, hopefully to hold jellies and such. I sewed the bags and added the embellishments that I just free cut and zig zag stitched on. Some are not very Christmasy - I may use them for birthdays. Have a blessed day.

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Rhonda said...

I know what you mean about the cleaning. I am more of an all or nothing, but I'm trying hard to change my messy perfectionism.

Your burlap bags are so cute!!!! You should let Jen know about these.