Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magnetic Board with Goodwill Frame

Just a quick post to show you a magnetic board I made to put by our front door. Here it is hanging by our overflowing coat rack.

I started with this frame I paid a dollar for. It still had the $22 price tag on it.

My hubby has a metal cutter so he cut a piece of metal for the frame, but you could just use magnetic paint.

I distressed the frame and painted the metal black, then added a ribbon. I took some magnets that I already had and dressed them up with scrapbook paper and a sticker with each child's initial. Now I have a handy place to place notes and other things they need for the day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Sign, Our First Craft Party, and Helping Others

We have had some beautiful snow days around here the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the kids are using their summer days up one by one. In the middle of all this I have just a couple of quick projects. First is my welcome sign. Sorry I don't have "as I worked" pictures. Often I start out doing something and it turns into something totally different. When I was making it, I was thinking it would not turn out blog worthy, but it turned out pretty cute. Best part - made out of things I already had.

The sign itself is the back of a dresser drawer that we took apart. I painted it black and stenciled on the burlap. I then frayed the edges of the burlap and glued it on. I already had those little wooden "buttonie" things on the corners, I just painted them black and glued on. I think it has kind of a western look with the font I used.

This past weekend my sister, Melissa, and I had our first craft party and we had so much fun! We made the cupcake liner wreath from Tater Tots and Jello. Thanks Rhonda for teaching me how to add a link. Anyway, the wreaths turned out great here's a look!

With the help of my kids and Sarah, we made a cake for my niece Nora's 2nd birthday. She loves Elmo and this one was so easy.

We just baked the cake in an oven safe bowl, decorated with a star tip, and made eyes and mouth with junior mints and powder donuts. Easy!

While I have you here, I have a friend who lost her 4 year old daughter late last year after a very short battle with leukemia. Monday the 15th would have been her 5th birthday. Her mother is requesting that everyone do something kind and spontaneous in Hannah's honor on Monday. If you do participate, please come back and leave a comment about what you did. Kimberly plans to make a scrapbook for her son about what people did in Hannah's honor. I look forward to hearing from you.