Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Summary 2009

If I had to rate this summer, I would give it a 10! It was infinitely better than last summer. At that time, we were still having lots of hospital stays and Georgia was not feeling that great. Now it has been almost 8 months since she has had to stay in the hospital and except for a brief bout with swimmers' ear, she has felt great. We have had lots of adventures and lots of fun. Here are the highlights.

As I mentioned in my last post we swam a lot! Sometimes in the creek, sometimes in the pool and sometimes at other area swim holes.
Here is a picture of my dad diving into the cool clear water near our house. It is good to see him being such a kid.

This is a pic of Taylor (Adrian's best friend) and Gabrielle (our cousin) jumping off the bluff at the Buffalo River near Ponca. It took awhile for Adrian and Tanner to work up the courage to jump, but they eventually did.
Here is Georgia looking off the same bluff, she of course did not jump. We also explored the old homestead located near the swim area. We drove through Ponca and saw one elk and drove through Steele Creek. Some other fun we had included ice skating, movies and hiking. Our biggest memory from this summer will probably be our trip to Destin, Florida. It was amazing.

Although of course we had some not so great moments this summer, overall I think it will be one remembered for fun family time. I hope the fun won't stop just because school is starting. There are several hikes I would like to take, a bike ride around Fayetteville, and maybe some rock wall climbing to do.

Now on the home decorating front, my big goal in that category this summer was to finish painting the kitchen and I DID! I am so proud of how it turned out. Here is the before:
Horrid pink and green stripes - they came with the house.

Here is the after:

Shabby chic red. We have a very humble home and I realize this kitchen is hardly worthy of most peoples standards, but I love it. I did not take down any trim per my husbands request, instead I painters' taped everything. I prefer to do big jobs in small chunks - perhaps b/c I have four kids - and I painted each section of wall over a period of a couple of months. I will have more posts later about the different accessories as I made some of them. Thanks for stopping by!