Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Ideas

I have never had more than 1 or 2 comments on my blog so I am really feeling the love from last week, thanks guys! Now to answer the question about the dressmaker tracing paper. My package is probably 10 years old. I venture to say this stuff could last a lifetime. Our local Walmart does not sell it anymore but you could probably find it at Hancocks or Hobby Lobby. If not, I have heard that you can use a piece of newspaper with dense print in the same way. First, I print out the words that I want to use from my computer. Then you place the tracing paper face down on the object you want to transfer to. Place your printout face up on top of the tracing paper and then trace with any writing object. Try not to move either your tracing paper or your print out while you are tracing. Lift the papers and TA DA! Now you are ready to paint the words or my favorite -use a Sharpie or paint marker.

Now for my fall stuff. I went a little overboard decorating for fall this year - but I think I like decorating for fall even better than Christmas! Here are a few of my projects:

I wanted a new fall wreath but all the ones I really like were about $40! No way, I just see those prices as a personal challenge now. I saw a square wreath that I really liked and decided that I could just use an old frame. I already had the wreath garland, so I just snipped off the leaves and hot glued them on the frame. The little scarecrow head is not attached, again just something I already had.

I don't usually decorate for Halloween, but when I saw these pumpkins in BH&G I had to have them. I looked high and low for the small white pumpkins, but when I found them they were $6 each. So I bought the $2 mid-size orange ones and painted them. I used my tracing method to put the letters on them. My teenager pointed out how crooked the letters were, but I pointed out how cute they were anyway. I also spray painted this owl black (previously all white found for $1). All of this sits on my entry shelf.

I found this burlap bag at Tractor Supply of all places and then put the images on. I stuffed if with newspaper and propped it up against the shelf. Then I put some crates and a straw hat under the shelf and filled with pumpkins and gourds.

Here is the whole shelf. Just try to pretend I don't have horrendous green carpet.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dollar Tree Fun

I like to occasionally check our local Dollar Trees for something I can transform to fabulosity. Most of the time I don't find anything, but this week I hit the jackpot. These silver trays come in assorted shapes. Not pictured is an oval scallopy (I know, not a word) one that I got too excited about and painted before taking a picture.
The rectangular tray went to my bathroom for a catch-all. We don't have drawers in our bathroom, so there are a few things I have to keep on the counter. I do not like it, I would rather the counters be empty except for a few decorations, but this is a nice alternative. The trays will rust (they are not real silver you know) so I keep an old rag hidden under this one.

The round tray went on a shelf in our entry. Tray chic (he, he).

Finally, I primed the oval tray with spray primer. I then painted it off-white with craft paint. I used a paint marker to write "PRIVATE" and then lightly brushed black craft paint on the raised edges. I used my usual method with dressmakers paper to paint the word on. I used the sign for our bedroom door. I was going to use a plate hanger to hang it, but I decided I didn't want a hole in the door. So I went with sticky tack. It is holding surprisingly well.
The new sign has really kept the kids out, well not really but isn't it cute?

Also, this week I found this metal tray type thing at a junk store for $.50. It was already painted blue and red. My good friend Melissa wanted a sign for her bedroom that said "honeymoon suite". This was perfect.

Using the same technique as the "private" sign, I created her sign. She hasn't seen it yet but I think she will like it.

A little bonus: a stool makeover. Those of you that are my Facebook friends have already seen this. I found this stool at the same junk store. It cost more but is so worth it. I just painted the legs, ripped off the old material, and stapled on the new. The whole thing took about an hour. It now sits next to our front door next to our shoe box. Thanks for stopping by.