Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oooh, I am really behind on posting. I haven't got to do a whole lot of crafting lately, but I have been busy spring cleaning. I finished one bathroom, the laundry room and about 1/2 the kitchen.

I spent one afternoon making this boxwood wreath.

I am not very proud of it for several reasons. First I HATE HATE HATE the smell of fake boxwood! Second, even at half price at Hobby Lobby it was still $4 a bunch. It took 3 to make this and I really needed 4 (to do the inside) which makes this not an inexpensive wreath. Probably still much cheaper than Ballard and such but not cheap enough for me.

Maybe you can improve upon it. I started with a foam wreath, boxwood, and glue.

I then spread glue in small sections at a time and pushed the boxwood in.

I think that I may make another some time, only smaller.

Here is a wreath I made for the front door that I am a little more proud of. I just spray painted a grape vine wreath yellow and then tucked in some forsythia. You can't really see in the picture how yellow the wreath looks. Happy spring!

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Rhonda said...

Did you ever finish Spring cleaning? I did 3/4 of my kitchen, then started the long term sub position and never finished. Ugh! Love your wreaths!

Hope to see you around here soon. :o)