Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions and a Finished Laundry Room

Where did 2009 go? Seriously, we just started it and now it's gone! I was looking back over last year's resolutions and no kidding out of about 30, I completed 2 or 3. Argh! I guess that is better than nothing, but does not seem very efficient of me. Maybe I should start setting goals I can definitely meet to make myself feel good. Okay, low expectation resolution #1 - only gain 5 lbs this year - #2 - check email and Facebook waaay too much - #3 exercise only on days that start with a "W". HAAA! So seriously, I will continue to set the bar way too high because that is what I do. For 2010, I again have way too many resolutions. I always kind of divide them into categories - God, family, finances, self etc. I won't bore you with all of them but here are a few.

God - to find a church for our family and attend enough for people to stop giving us visitor cards
Self - to finally go on a canoe trip and to buy a bra from Victoria Secret
Family - to get Georgia out of my bed - she's almost 7! and to take more camping trips this year
Finances - hummm to have some finances!
Home - to redeco my room and Adrian's room
Others - to participate in a fundraiser for children's cancer research

I usually reevaluate my goals every month. I try to find things I can do every month - if not everyday to reach my goals. For example, one of my goals is to lose a few pounds (of course), so I will schedule a workout everyday to help meet that goal. Also, one of the goals I mentioned is to redeco my room with a tufted headboard. I will schedule a day to measure for the board and then I will schedule a day to buy the plywood and materials. Wow, you would think I would accomplish a lot more. Sometimes I have to really sit back and look at my grand plans and ask myself where all this matters in the big picture. I get so caught up in the planning to live sometimes, I forget to live. You know how it goes..

On to decorating, I finally finished my laundry room! Well, we're never really finished but I am at a resting point. Here is the before...

Oh my those pics are awful, why am I putting them on here for the world to see? And who, who, who? picked that pink and green wallpaper?

And here is after....

Omigolly, it looks so much better. I got rid of a bunch clutter and those horrid stripes. I am thinking about putting a red toille (umm how do you spell that word?) curtain on the door. What do you think? I don't want the area to look cluttered.

Coming up this year on my blog:
Redo of the master bedroom, including a tufted headboard.
Redo of my teenage daughter's tiiiiny bedroom.
Some low fat/cal recipes!
Mindless rambling!
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New Every Morning said...

Looks fabulous!

Rhonda said...

Your laundary room makeover looks awesome. I've kinda sorta started mine, along with Cameron's room. I can't just stick with one thing and get it done. Ugh!

Hey, you should dust off the Shred and do it this month. I'll add you to my sidebar if you want. Let me know! That way we can keep each other accountable!